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”Supine-to-prone in one motion, without having to transfer a child in and out of the stander, leg abduction with floating hip guides and a swing-away tray truly separates the Zing from the competition.”

Zing represents a full line of single and multi-position pediatric standers. The unique multi-position standers (MPS) pivot two directions which provides an unmatched therapeutic opportunity to go from supine, vertical and prone in one motion – no transfers, flipping pads or adjustments to the stander other than the tray angle if desired. All Zing models are available with an abduction mast, which provides anatomically correct abduction while standing throughout the stander’s positioning range. Independent adjustment of the legs up to 30 degrees or 60 degrees bilaterally is accomplished easily and quickly with a single knob. 

The comprehensive Zing line also features another multi-position model, the Zing MPS TT, which offers identical positioning to the MPS but with larger, wider support pads and optional padded strapping that is similar to tilt-table style standers, hence the TT.

Single-position standers are also available in Supine, Prone and Vertical. These also feature leg abduction as all the same positioning and support components available on the multi-position variations.

Multi-position Standers

MPS Size 1-2

Size 1: Fits individuals up to 44″ and up to 70 lbs.

Size 2: Fits individuals from 40-60″ and up to 154 lbs.

The Zing MPS is the only multi-position stander that pivots two directions, allowing the unit to go from flat-to-load supine to 20 degrees prone in one motion. There is no need to transfer the user in and out, flip pads, foot plates and trays. This ability provides a therapeutic opportunity not possible with other standing frames. It is also one of the few standers that provides the option of up to 30 degrees of independent leg abduction.

MPS TT Size 1-2

Size 1: Fits individuals up to 44″ Tall and up to 70 lbs.

Size 2: Fits individuals from 40-60″ and up to 154 lbs.

The Zing MPS TT (tilt-table style stander) and Zing MPS are capable of supine to prone in one motion, up to 30 degrees of independent leg abduction, and have an available swing-away tray. The MPS TT or tilt-table style features a longer, wider upper body support pad and has the option for padded strapping, rather than individual support and positioning components. That said, with the MPS TT, if more support is needed in specific areas, the same support and positioning components that are available on the MPS can be added to the MPS TT, where needed.

Single-position Standers


Size 1: Fits children from infancy-44″ and up to 70lbs.

Size 2: Fits individuals from 40-60″ and up to 154 lbs.

Zing Vertical Specs: fits children up to 44″ and up to 70 lbs.

The Zing Prone is a single position stander but is one of the few to offer a flat-to-load transfer position at a comfortable height of 32″. Prone positioning from 0-90 degrees.

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