Maggie’s Beyond the Chair Story

Maggie M. suffered a C4-C5 incomplete spinal cord injury after being the victim of a violent crime. She is one of Beyond the Chair’s longest standing clients, starting just seven months after Beyond the Chair opened its doors.

Before her accident Maggie exercised frequently. She did some strength training but loved to do cardio on the elliptical machine. Now, Maggie works out twice a week for two hours each session. Lately, she has been suffering from intense nerve pain that originated in her feet but she now experiences throughout her body, which makes working out difficult for her. However, Maggie doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she loves to do. She continues to push through the pain and achieves every goal she sets during her workouts. When Maggie comes to BTC she always wants to stand in the EasyStand Glider. Using the EasyStand Glider has helped Maggie tremendously with her nerve pain. She is able to get the weight bearing that she needs in order to maintain her bone density as well has her circulation in both her upper and lower extremities. The Glider also helps a lot with Maggie’s posture. She has said she definitely feels a big difference in her posture when she is standing. The Glider keeps her hips forward and her shoulders retracted which aligns her spine so she can stand up straight. The EasyStand Glider not only benefits her bone density and nerve pain but it also improves her cardiovascular system. The constant push/pull motion gets Maggie’s heart rate up and helps with the range of motion in both her upper and lower extremities.

The EasyStand Glider plays a key role in helping Maggie on her road to recovery. The Glider has helped Maggie by maintaining her bone density, improving her cardiovascular system, stretching and strengthening muscles, helps to ease her nerve pain, and increases her venous return. Overall, the EasyStand Glider helps with Maggie’s all-around health and improves her quality of life.