Garrett’s Beyond the Chair Story

Garrett S. is a member of the U.S. Army, and one of the many Wounded Warrior clients that exercise at Beyond the Chair. He suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury after being struck by lightning back in 2013, but he hasn’t let his injury slow him down.

Since starting at Beyond the Chair in July of 2015 he has improved tremendously in his gait training and overall strength. However, he still has muscle tightness in his hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower-back. Being in a seated position for long periods at a time can take a toll on the body and cause muscles to shorten. The EasyStand Glider is a vital piece of equipment for Garrett’s recovery. Using the Glider helps Garrett stretch out his shortened muscles in a comfortable plane and range, while also getting a good cardiovascular workout. Garrett always says “I feel good”, when standing in the EasyStand Glider. The Glider has not only helped with the tightness in Garrett’s muscles but it has also helped with his posture while standing. Before using the Glider, Garrett had a tendency to slouch slightly forward while standing or walking. Now, Garrett is able to stand completely straight which is a direct result of improved posture as well as the lengthening and decreased tightness in his hamstrings, hip flexors, and lower back. With the decreased tone in Garrett’s muscles it’s easier for him to perform more exercises and walk straighter with a platform walker.

Overall, the EasyStand Glider has been helping Garrett in and outside Beyond the Chair. Every couple of weeks Garret increases his independence. Garrett is walking more at home and is moving around easier than ever before. The Glider continues to improve Garrett’s posture, decrease his muscle tightness and most importantly it has improved his overall health and quality of life.

Garrett S., TBI, working hard and all smiles in #TheEasyStandGlider

Posted by Beyond the Chair San Antonio, TX on Friday, June 3, 2016

Steven’s Beyond the Chair Story

Here at Beyond the Chair we support all veterans and many organizations including the Wounded Warrior Project. Steven E., one of our clients who is funded through the Wounded Warrior Project, has been active with BTC for over a year now. Steven suffers from a traumatic brain injury. Steven is an extremely dedicated client and comes into BTC week after week for his recovery.

Steven comes to BTC twice a week for two hours each session. Within those two hours, Steven works on developmental movements such as rolling, sitting, standing, and walking. Steven also focuses on strength training, core stability and balance and both active and passive range of motion. When an individual has a neurological injury it’s important that the individual continues to stay active and receives weight bearing for their lower extremities. Losing bone mineral density is very common for individuals who use wheelchairs. A decrease in bone density can result in osteoporosis which will make the individual more prone to bone fractures. Standing in an upright position helps to maintain bone mineral density and avoid more serious complications as a result. Steven uses the EasyStand Glider for his weight-bearing for anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes each time. The EasyStand Glider also has many additional benefits for Steven as well. The gliding action helps with his lower and upper body range of motion and the resistance of the glider helps with strengthening his upper body.

The EasyStand Glider has made a huge difference for Steven and many of our other clients here at Beyond the Chair. Every one of our clients who have used the Glider including Steven has absolutely loved it. The fact that they can passively or actively move all four extremities while standing in an upright position is magnificent. The EasyStand Glider is a state of the art piece of equipment that has and will continue to be a huge asset for Beyond the Chair.


Chris’s Beyond the Chair Story

Life can be very difficult for individuals living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI is a complex injury with a broad spectrum of symptoms and disabilities. For Chris R. his whole left side of his body was affected as well as his vision. Chris’s balance and core stability is also affected due to his loss of eye sight. Although Chris lives with a disability he keeps his head up and continues to stay focused on his recovery.

Chris comes to Beyond the Chair twice a week for one hour. When Chris is at BTC he is rarely in his wheelchair. At BTC we like to work on the notion “crawl before you walk”. Since Chris is able to walk with an assisted device (cane), we mainly focus on his gait training, core strength and balance. Chris’ upper and lower extremities on the left side of his body have atrophy, and because of this he naturally leans on the strong side of his body when standing or walking. When individuals over compensate any muscle group on either side of their body they become asymmetrical. Being asymmetrical can lead to many complications with muscles, joints, bones, and balance. Every time the Neuro-Fitness Specialist at BTC set up Chris in the EasyStand Glider his posture improved instantly as well as his balance. With his left side mainly being affected by his injury, the Glider is able to distribute weight to both the right and left sides evenly. This way, he is getting that weight bearing on both sides of his body as opposed to favoring his right side like he tends to do.

When Chris works out at BTC he’s constantly striving to push himself beyond his limits and expectations. The EasyStand Glider is continuously helping our clients in many different ways, whether it’s helping with posture and balance, helping muscle growth and strength, or circulation and blood flow. The EasyStand Glider has been a piece of the puzzle that has helped many clients achieve their goals here at Beyond the Chair.