Danixa’s Beyond the Chair Story

Danixa V. is a retired veteran who was injured in January 2013. Although Danixa has a T-6, T-7, and T-8 incomplete spinal cord injury, she still maintains an active lifestyle both at Beyond the Chair and in her everyday life as well. Danixa is a strong independent woman who is determined and focused on her road to recovery.

Danixa exercises at BTC twice a week for one to two hours a session. She is constantly asking to be pushed further with every workout to achieve new, higher goals. When Danixa first starting coming to Beyond the Chair she had very little muscle mass and extremely limited movement. That has all increased significantly and Danixa continues to impress with her outstanding improvements. Danixa has also increased her tone in both her arms and legs which allows her to be able to work out with the EasyStand Glider.

The EasyStand Glider not only helped Danixa build her muscle mass but it has also improved her circulation tremendously. Danixa normally likes to stand towards the end of her workout sessions so she can end every workout knowing that all extremities are getting rich oxygenated blood. She feels this is essential for her road to recovery. The Glider also helps decrease muscle tightness that Danixa experiences in her core area. By being upright, she is able to stretch her lower extremities while working her lower abdomen as well. Not only that, but standing in the Glider has also been beneficial in gaining more range of motion and weight bearing in her lower extremities.

The EasyStand Glider has been and will continue to be a vital piece of equipment Danixa utilizes in her training. It plays an integral role in her recovery workouts and allows her to really focus on getting stronger and improving her overall health with each session.

Danixa striking a pose in the #EasyStandGlider ?

Posted by Beyond the Chair San Antonio, TX on Friday, April 8, 2016

Darlene’s Beyond the Chair Story

Darlene was a horse breeder and trainer before a horseback riding accident left her with a C-4 incomplete spinal cord injury. However, being paralyzed from the neck down has not stopped her from being independent. She uses a wheelchair that allows her to drive and adjust her chair with her mouth. She has been injured for five years now but is determined to stay active. Since her accident, she has been traveling over an hour multiple times per week to her therapy sessions at Beyond the Chair.

Darlene works out at Beyond the Chair twice a week for two hours each session. From assisted squats on the total gym to pushes and pulls at the combo twist, she always gets a total body work out here at BTC. When we showed Darlene The EasyStand Glider she was very eager to get up and try it. She likes to stand because she knows it’s important for her bones and it helps lengthen her shortened muscles and ease her spasms. She was excited that The EasyStand Glider combined standing and moving, as this will help challenge her even more. The EasyStand Glider also improves Darlene’s cardiovascular endurance with the constant push/pull movement. The first few times she stood in Glider, Darlene would get dizzy and light headed because of orthostatic hypotension. She was motivated to stick with it and gradually increased the length of time she was able to stand. After working out hard and standing more frequently, she now can use Glider for twenty or more minutes without feeling dizzy or light headed.

Overall, the Glider helps Darlene with her quality of life and overall health, from increasing her range of motion to maintaining her bone density because of the load bearing she receives from standing in a correct upright position. She loves the EasyStand Glider and recommends it to other people who have spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments.


Daniel’s Beyond the Chair Story

Life can be very difficult for individuals with Familial Spastic Paraparesis (FSP). FSP is an inherited disorder characterized by progressive weakness and spasticity in the lower extremities. For Daniel P. this has been his main challenge since he was a young boy. Daniel continually fights to get stronger and is determined to keep himself as healthy as possible. He is constantly working on his recovery and doesn’t let his disorder keep him from achieving any of his short or long term goals.

Daniel is a very active individual both inside and out of Beyond the Chair. Daniel is currently going to college to further his education and at the same time he comes to Beyond the Chair once or twice a week from anywhere to one to two hours a session. Daniel has a hard time with his gait pattern but he’s still able to walk with an assisted cane. Daniel has a strong upper body but a weak core, so when he walks he tends to sway left and right. When Daniel comes to BTC for his therapy his main focuses are his weakness: gait pattern, core, coordination and balance, and lower body strength and flexibility. The Neuro-Fitness Specialist at Beyond the Chair likes to focus on multi-joint exercises that incorporate more than one muscle to perform a certain action. Focusing on multi-joint exercises enables Daniel to use the majority of his body. The EasyStand Glider is an excellent device to help target multiple muscle groups at the same time. When Daniel uses the Glider he’s able to engage both his lower and upper extremities through a gliding action.

The Glider challenges Daniel in ways that greatly aide in his recovery. After using it, his range of motion increases as well as his standing posture which contributes to an improved gait pattern.


Ricardo’s Beyond the Chair Story

Ricardo G. is a C5-C7 incomplete spinal cord injury who is always dedicated to push past his limits when it comes to his recovery. Ricardo has been injured for three years now but he doesn’t let that stop him from living his life and doing what he loves. Ricardo always sets the bar high when it comes to his progress increasing strength, so he’s constantly asking the neuro-fitness specialist at Beyond the Chair to push him harder than his previous workout. Ricardo is always willing to accept any new challenge the NFS gives him, because his recovery is his main focus.

When it comes to working out here at Beyond the Chair, Ricardo is always working his hardest to push himself to the next level. Ricardo works out at Beyond the Chair twice a week for an hour each session, at the end of his sessions he stands in the EasyStand Glider for at least thirty minutes. The Glider allows Ricardo to experience weight bearing in his lower extremities, which is really important because it will help maintain his bone density. Without weight-bearing bone minerals can decrease resulting in an increased risk of fracturing or even breaking a bone. The Glider contributes tremendously to Ricardo’s recovery, by helping him stand up on his feet while straightening out his back as well as stretching his lower extremities. Being a quadriplegic, Ricardo naturally suffers from muscle spasms in his legs and back, but he notices after standing that his spasms seem to decrease significantly.

Overall the EasyStand Glider continuously helps Ricardo with his recovery every day. Ricardo is always extremely excited to stand because he loves that fact that he is able to move all four of his extremities while in the glider. Thanks to the EasyStand Glider Ricardo’s range of motion has increased and his spasms have decreased significantly.