Dan’s Beyond the Chair Story

Dan R. is a C-5 incomplete spinal cord injury who has been injured for three years now. Before Dan’s injury he was a proud member of the U.S. Army for six years, with the dedication and determination to fight for his country. Dan now has a different battle to deal with and that’s his spinal cord injury. Everyday Dan wakes up with the incredible determination and courage to fight his battle against paralysis. Dan is constantly pushing for greatness in the gym and always has the fight to push beyond his limits when working on his recovery.

Dan works out at the Beyond the Chair three times a week for two hours each session. Every session Dan is willing to accept any challenge that is thrown his way, whether it is standing up in the EasyStand Glider and actively working all of his extremities or getting on the total gym and doing body weighted squats. Dan always comes in with a smile and is ready to work out, always striving to do his best and the Glider makes that possible for him. Dan suffers from muscle tone in his right arm as well as his lower extremities, and he also has a lot of spasticity in his lower extremities as well. The EasyStand Glider is a definite solution to this problem. Once Dan gets up in the Glider, he experiences a noticeable decrease in the spasticity and tone in his lower extremities along with his right arm. The gliding motion from the Glider helps by stretching Dan’s lower back which has a lot of tightness and tone built up.

Overall the Glider helps Dan with his quality of life and overall health. He has increased his range of motion and the load bearing he receives from standing in a correct upright position has helped him maintain his bone density. The EasyStand Glider also targets Dan’s cardiovascular endurance with the constant push/pull movement. By the end of Dan’s sessions his spasticity and tone decreases significantly along with an increase in range of motion.