Anson’s Beyond the Chair Story

Anson C. is one of Beyond the Chair‘s veterans who served for the United States Army. Anson was injured from a grenade explosion that resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The shrapnel and blast from the grenade injured the left side of Anson’s brain. Due to the left side of the brain being injured, Anson now has minimal movement on the right side of his body. However, he has almost full function on the left side of his body, although his movements however are slightly delayed. Anson likes to stay active and continues to participate in therapy every day.

Anson exercises at Beyond the Chair three times a week for two hours each session. Whenever Anson comes in BTC he is always determined and eager to start his session. Due to his injury, the whole right side of Anson’s body has minimal function and a lot of tone built up. Tone can shorten muscles and cause joint contractures. When an individual experiences high muscle tone and joint contractures, it can be extremely difficult to have full range of motion. If one doesn’t stay mobile then that individual can start to develop heterotopic ossification (HO). HO is growth of bone in abnormal places such as soft tissues, and it can fuse soft tissue with bone. This condition can vary from minor to severe growth. The severity of tone, joint contractures, and heterotopic ossification can be maintained or lessened with passive or active range of motion and any kind of weight/load bearing. The EasyStand Glider is especially beneficial to Anson because of his joint contractures, tone, and the potential of developing HO.

Anson has only stood inside the EasyStand Glider a few times, but after each session, he has noticed a decrease in his tone, his range of motion improved, and his bone density was maintained. The EasyStand Glider has and will continue to be a vital piece of equipment for Anson’s recovery and overall health.