Danixa’s Beyond the Chair Story

Danixa V. is a retired veteran who was injured in January 2013. Although Danixa has a T-6, T-7, and T-8 incomplete spinal cord injury, she still maintains an active lifestyle both at Beyond the Chair and in her everyday life as well. Danixa is a strong independent woman who is determined and focused on her road to recovery.

Danixa exercises at BTC twice a week for one to two hours a session. She is constantly asking to be pushed further with every workout to achieve new, higher goals. When Danixa first starting coming to Beyond the Chair she had very little muscle mass and extremely limited movement. That has all increased significantly and Danixa continues to impress with her outstanding improvements. Danixa has also increased her tone in both her arms and legs which allows her to be able to work out with the EasyStand Glider.

The EasyStand Glider not only helped Danixa build her muscle mass but it has also improved her circulation tremendously. Danixa normally likes to stand towards the end of her workout sessions so she can end every workout knowing that all extremities are getting rich oxygenated blood. She feels this is essential for her road to recovery. The Glider also helps decrease muscle tightness that Danixa experiences in her core area. By being upright, she is able to stretch her lower extremities while working her lower abdomen as well. Not only that, but standing in the Glider has also been beneficial in gaining more range of motion and weight bearing in her lower extremities.

The EasyStand Glider has been and will continue to be a vital piece of equipment Danixa utilizes in her training. It plays an integral role in her recovery workouts and allows her to really focus on getting stronger and improving her overall health with each session.

Danixa striking a pose in the #EasyStandGlider ?

Posted by Beyond the Chair San Antonio, TX on Friday, April 8, 2016

Esequiel’s Beyond the Chair Story

Esequiel E. is one of Beyond the Chair’s newest clients. After a severe fall less than a year ago, Esequiel was left with a T9 incomplete spinal cord injury. He started his journey to recovery with Beyond the Chair in January 2016 and is more than determined to walk again. Esequiel works out twice a week and pushes himself to his limits because he knows hard work and dedication will get him to his goals.

Esequiel likes to stay very active and is always ready to face new challenges that come his way. To him, challenges are just another stepping stone in his recovery to making him stronger. He is very optimistic and open to trying every new work out we throw at him. From battle ropes to walking on his knees and everything in between, Esequiel works hard to perfect all his movements. Sometimes these simple movements can be hard for him because he tends to have a lot of spasticity and muscle spasms that are hard to control. The EasyStand Glider helps ease his spasms by stretching out his hamstrings, hip flexors, abdominals, and lower back. Not only is the EasyStand Glider good for stretching and easing his muscle spasms, it also helps maintain bone density. Esequiel stands in the EasyStand Glider for at least twenty minutes every time he comes to Beyond the Chair which also helps his circulation and venous return. Since he has such a new injury it is important for Esequiel to stand to prevent osteoporosis and other conditions that degenerate the body. The movement of his upper and lower extremities increase his heart rate and help tremendously with his cardio-respiratory system.

Esequiel has noticed a major difference in his spasticity in the short time he has been at Beyond the Chair. The EasyStand Glider has and will continue to be an important piece of equipment for Esequiel’s recovery and overall health.