Joe’s Beyond the Chair Story

It can be difficult for individuals living with Vascular Dementia. Vascular Dementia is a neurological disorder that can cause cognitive difficulties and eventually lead to diminished overall health. This is something that Joe A. faces every day. Living with this condition takes a toll not only cognitively but also muscularly. Joe dedicates two days a week for his therapy, each session being anywhere from one to two hours. Just like being in the military, Joe always fights to push through his limitations while exercising at Beyond the Chair. Joe is continuously working to get better and is determined to meet each and every goal set.

Joe currently has difficulty with his balance and strength, as well as standing all the way upright. When Joe comes into Beyond the Chair he works on those areas and weight bearing on his lower extremities. During training, the Neruo-Fitness Specialists like to focus on exercises that will incorporate more than one muscle group. The EasyStand Glider is definitely a machine that does exactly that. When Joe is using the Glider he is engaging muscles in different areas of his body at a time and is getting weight bearing in his lower extremities. The Glider not only provides Joe with the weight bearing he needs but also helps with strengthening his upper extremities as well. The constant pushing and pulling works Joe’s arms as well as his core which helps a lot with his balance. This motion tends to make Joe lean to the sides, which forces him to activate his core in order to stay midline and perform the exercise correctly. The EasyStand Glider works the majority of Joe’s body and also helps with his cardiovascular system.

Overall, the EasyStand Glider is beneficial in many ways for our clients here at Beyond the Chair. The Glider increases overall health for each client by targeting all areas of the body, from the core to the upper and lower extremities. The EasyStand Glider is definitely a major factor in every client’s workout here at Beyond the Chair.

Joe working hard in the #EasyStandGlider ?

Posted by Beyond the Chair San Antonio, TX on Thursday, May 5, 2016

Daniel’s Beyond the Chair Story

Life can be very difficult for individuals with Familial Spastic Paraparesis (FSP). FSP is an inherited disorder characterized by progressive weakness and spasticity in the lower extremities. For Daniel P. this has been his main challenge since he was a young boy. Daniel continually fights to get stronger and is determined to keep himself as healthy as possible. He is constantly working on his recovery and doesn’t let his disorder keep him from achieving any of his short or long term goals.

Daniel is a very active individual both inside and out of Beyond the Chair. Daniel is currently going to college to further his education and at the same time he comes to Beyond the Chair once or twice a week from anywhere to one to two hours a session. Daniel has a hard time with his gait pattern but he’s still able to walk with an assisted cane. Daniel has a strong upper body but a weak core, so when he walks he tends to sway left and right. When Daniel comes to BTC for his therapy his main focuses are his weakness: gait pattern, core, coordination and balance, and lower body strength and flexibility. The Neuro-Fitness Specialist at Beyond the Chair likes to focus on multi-joint exercises that incorporate more than one muscle to perform a certain action. Focusing on multi-joint exercises enables Daniel to use the majority of his body. The EasyStand Glider is an excellent device to help target multiple muscle groups at the same time. When Daniel uses the Glider he’s able to engage both his lower and upper extremities through a gliding action.

The Glider challenges Daniel in ways that greatly aide in his recovery. After using it, his range of motion increases as well as his standing posture which contributes to an improved gait pattern.