TJ’s Beyond the Chair Story

T.J. is another retired Air Force Veteran who has been a client of Beyond the Chair for the last two and a half years. After a rollover Humvee accident while on duty, he was left a C-5 incomplete spinal cord injury. T.J. is dedicated to his recovery, coming to work out three times a week, two hours per session. Within the last year he has traveled to Panama to receive stem cells for his recovery journey, and returned to Beyond the Chair for help in strengthening the neuro-muscular connection.

When T.J. first started at Beyond the Chair he had limited strength in his extremities and could barely stand without blood pressure issues. He knew this journey to recovery wasn’t going to be an easy one but he was determined to get function back. Now, after his hard work and dedication over the last few years and stem cell surgery, T.J. has gained strength, balance and movement. One machine that T.J. likes because it really challenges him is the EasyStand Glider. Not only does the EasyStand Glider give him the benefits of standing, it also allows him to strengthen his arms with the push and pull motion. Standing alone can sometimes be a challenge for individuals with blood pressure issues. Once they are able to stand without feeling light headed, it’s an added benefit to be able to step up their training and incorporate their arms. T.J. likes to use the EasyStand Glider every time he comes to work out for at least 20 minutes. Before his accident T.J. was a very active individual, always on the go. The trainers at Beyond the Chair, as well as the use of the EasyStand Glider help keep him active.

The EasyStand Glider has made a difference for T.J. and many more of our clients here at Beyond the Chair. T.J. will continue to focus on his recovery with the help of his Neuro-fitness Specialist and machines like the EasyStand Glider.