Tad’s Beyond the Chair Story

Tad L. is a C-3 through C-5 incomplete spinal cord injury who was injured in June of 2010. Before Tad’s injury he was a horse jockey who was competitive and determined to be the best. Since his injury Tad has kept the same competitiveness and motivation but has applied it towards his recovery. Tad is not only one of the hardest working clients at Beyond The Chair but is also one of the most enthusiastic when it comes to working out. He strives to accomplish more with each workout and is always wanting to push his limits to see how far he can go.

Tad works out at Beyond The Chair twice a week for one hour each session and continues his recovery at his house by using anything from his standing frame, walkers, to the railing on his porch to get himself up and moving around his house. Tad has a good sense of humor and likes to joke with the Neuro-Fitness Specialist, but when it’s time to focus or get serious he will give any individual a challenge to see if he can out work them. Tad takes each session to the next level and is always wanting to progress in all areas of his body. Having the EasyStand Glider makes that possible for him. The first time using the EasyStand Glider Tad loved the fact that it allowed him to work all four of his extremities. Since Tad’s injury he has been dealing with a lot of tone and spasticity mainly in his lower extremities. The EasyStand Glider is helping relieve some of Tads tone and spasms by helping him get load bearing on his lower extremities as well as stretching his muscles with a gliding movement.

The EasyStand Glider is helping Tad increase his range of motion in all four extremities and as well as improving his overall health by increasing his cardio respiratory endurance. Before using the EasyStand Glider Tad had a lot of tightness in his dorsal side; his lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. By the end of Tad’s session most of his tightness is gone in his dorsal side and his range of motion is increased.