Rick’s Beyond the Chair Story

Rick M. had three surgeries for his severe lumbar spinal stenosis. Unfortunately, the first two surgeries failed. Although the third one was successful, he suffered trauma from the surgery. Rick has function from his head to his toes but due to the trauma from his last surgery he’s now uses a wheelchair for mobility. Rick lacks strength in all four extremities and his range of motion is limited due to his lumbar fusion. Despite Rick’s injury, he continues to keep his head held high and remain focus on his goals and recovery.

Rick is a very active individual inside and outside of Beyond the Chair, he works out at BTC twice a week for an hour each session. On Rick’s rest days he still manages to come to Beyond the Chair to work out independently from his wheelchair. Rick is constantly moving all four extremities but he does have a hard time when it comes to standing and walking. Rick can stand for a couple of seconds at a time with assistance but he tends to lean forward. He also has a difficult time bringing his hips forward in a standing position. Because of this he’s not in a correct full upright position. The EasyStand Glider benefits Rick because the back, knee, and chest support help guide him into the correct upright standing position.

The EasyStand Glider has helped Rick out in many different ways. He can now stand in an upright position without having to worry about any lower back pain. The first time Rick stood in the Glider he instantly felt pain relief in his lower back. Since Rick has function in all four of his extremities, he’s able to push and pull while standing in the Glider, therefore improving his upper body strength. Rick is maintaining his bone density, increasing muscle strength, and increasing his cardiovascular fitness. Overall, the EasyStand Glider has benefited Rick in many ways and improved his quality of life.