Ricardo’s Beyond the Chair Story

Ricardo G. is a C5-C7 incomplete spinal cord injury who is always dedicated to push past his limits when it comes to his recovery. Ricardo has been injured for three years now but he doesn’t let that stop him from living his life and doing what he loves. Ricardo always sets the bar high when it comes to his progress increasing strength, so he’s constantly asking the neuro-fitness specialist at Beyond the Chair to push him harder than his previous workout. Ricardo is always willing to accept any new challenge the NFS gives him, because his recovery is his main focus.

When it comes to working out here at Beyond the Chair, Ricardo is always working his hardest to push himself to the next level. Ricardo works out at Beyond the Chair twice a week for an hour each session, at the end of his sessions he stands in the EasyStand Glider for at least thirty minutes. The Glider allows Ricardo to experience weight bearing in his lower extremities, which is really important because it will help maintain his bone density. Without weight-bearing bone minerals can decrease resulting in an increased risk of fracturing or even breaking a bone. The Glider contributes tremendously to Ricardo’s recovery, by helping him stand up on his feet while straightening out his back as well as stretching his lower extremities. Being a quadriplegic, Ricardo naturally suffers from muscle spasms in his legs and back, but he notices after standing that his spasms seem to decrease significantly.

Overall the EasyStand Glider continuously helps Ricardo with his recovery every day. Ricardo is always extremely excited to stand because he loves that fact that he is able to move all four of his extremities while in the glider. Thanks to the EasyStand Glider Ricardo’s range of motion has increased and his spasms have decreased significantly.