Paul’s Beyond the Chair Story

Here at Beyond the Chair we serve individuals of all ages, all level of spinal cord injuries, and other neurological disabilities. We serve many individuals in the community including Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Victims of Violent Crimes. Paul C. is one of our younger clients here at BTC. He was a victim of a violent crime, which resulted in his C-5/C-6 complete spinal cord injury.

ng injured by an act of violent crime takes a toll on an individuals’ mind as well as their body. It takes a positive mind, will power, and strength to overcome and block out any pain or obstacles in the way. Paul always comes into BTC ready to work hard and remains dedicated to exceeding his limits and not only reaching his goals but always setting new ones.

Paul is constantly battling muscles spasms, which are involuntary contractions of muscles or a group of muscles that cease after a few minutes. Muscle spasms are beneficial for individuals with SCI but if the spasticity increases it can create tone, which will tighten and shorten muscles. The frequency of muscle spasms can increase due to lack of overall body movement, so machines like the EasyStand Glider can help ease the spasticity level for individuals like Paul. The first time Paul stood and glided in the Glider he began to instantly feel light-headed within minutes due to his orthostatic hypotension. Paul continued to stand and glide in the glider until his blood flow and circulation improved as well as his venous return. Session after session Paul continued to increase his overall duration when gliding in the EasyStand Glider. Now Paul is able to stand in the glider and remain active for almost half an hour.

Paul’s continues to battle with his muscles spasms, but the intensity of his spasms tends to decrease from time to time with the assistance of the EasyStand Glider. The Glider has helped Paul with Orthostatic hypotension, his range of motion, and his body alignment.