Lauren’s Beyond the Chair Story

Every facility has that one client that can brighten up the day even when it’s gloomy outside, at Beyond the Chairthat client is Lauren M. When she was young, Lauren had a brain tumor that was located on her brain stem and was surgically removed. The tumor caused damage to her brain and hearing. Although, the damage to Lauren’s hearing was severe, it did not lead to full hearing loss. She is still able to hear with the help of hearing aids. Lauren has been recovering from a traumatic brain injury for twelve years now.

Lauren works on her recovery at Beyond the Chair two times a week for two hours each session. When Lauren is here at BTC she is nothing but smiles. She is constantly telling jokes and making everyone laugh. From the staff to the other clients, she puts a smile on everyone’s face. Through her recovery, Lauren has worked hard, and strives to always achieve her goals by any means possible. From daily living to the gym Lauren is always pushing her limits to get better.

Being a wheelchair user for over twelve years has caused Lauren to develop tone in her muscles making them tight. Lauren also has spinal alignment issues and postural problems while both sitting and standing. The EasyStand Glider is a great piece of equipment for helping Lauren focus on these areas. Not only does the Glider help prepare her for walking in the walker, but it also helps relieve tightness and increase her range of motion. Standing allows her to stretch her hamstrings and back, as well as teaches Lauren how to properly stand upright without alignment issues. Usually Lauren will stay active in the Glider for at least twenty minutes to warm up her muscles and core body temperature. The Glider ensures proper posture and body movement when Lauren works on gait training. Lauren said her favorite thing about using the Glider is the “feeling of my muscles being stretched.”  Lauren’s posture and muscle tone have also improved tremendously.