Eric’s Beyond the Chair Story

Eric L. is an army soldier who was recently injured last year. He is a C5/C6 incomplete spinal cord quadriplegic. Although he has only recently started coming in to Beyond the Chair, he is very motivated and dedicated towards his recovery. Eric currently has problems with his posture, tightness in his lower back, and his muscular endurance.

Eric comes in to Beyond the Chair three times a week for two hours each session. His primary focus is gait training, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and stability. Eric also focuses a lot on standing. He usually stands in the EasyStand Glider at the end of each session for at least twenty minutes. Whenever Eric stands in the Glider he tends to get light headed within a couple of minutes due to his orthostatic hypertension. Overcoming orthostatic hypertension definitely takes time. When an individual sits for long periods of time the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood to the lower extremities. However, when an individual is standing and staying mobile the heart is then challenged to pump blood more quickly. Since Eric starting using the Glider about three times a week, his venous return has been improving. Eric has now been able to stand for longer and longer periods at a time. The fact that Eric is still considered a new injury means he will have to continue to train his venous return until his heart is strong enough to the point where he won’t get light headed or dizzy anymore.

The EasyStand Glider is an important piece of equipment for Eric’s recovery. Standing, and staying active by pushing and pulling in the Glider has been helping Eric with his posture, tightness in his lower back, muscular endurance, and orthostatic hypertension. Eric’s venous return will only continue to improve as long as he continues to stay dedicated to his recovery and continues to use the EasyStand Glider.