Eddie’s Beyond the Chair Story

Eddie M. has a C-2/C-3 complete spinal cord injury. His SCI resulted from an act of violence that occurred about four years ago. Being a victim of a violent crime takes a toll on an individual. It takes courage, focus, dedication, and strength to overcome the difficulties of experiencing such a life changing event. Eddie has demonstrated these qualities and doesn’t let his injury stop him. He continues to fight against all odds and lives his life to the fullest.

Eddie constantly motivates and pushes himself to be the best he can be not only in his everyday life but every time he comes into Beyond the Chair. Despite being one of Beyond the Chairs’ younger clients, Eddie always comes in mentally prepared to work hard and is completely dedicated to his recovery. Eddie comes into BTC at least twice a week for two hour sessions and strives for nothing but greatness when he works out. A complete spinal cord injury means that he has no function, sensation, or voluntary movement below the level of injury. In Eddie’s case, his injury is quite high, at the C-2/C-3 level. Although this affects his ability to control both his arms and his legs, there are certain exercises and machines that help stimulate both his lower and upper extremities, and the EasyStand Glider is one of them. When standing and passively moving in the Glider there have been many occasions when Eddie has either felt weight-bearing in his feet or the initiate of his muscles trying to help engage when gliding.

Eddie believes he can occasionally feel below the level of his injury thanks in part to the EasyStand Glider. The Glider has not only helped contribute to increasing Eddie’s sensation, but as well as increasing his range of motion, decreasing his spasticity, and tone. As a Neuro-Fitness Specialist it’s always great to see all the clients here at BTC smile and enjoy standing and passively or actively glide in the EasyStand Glider.

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