Darlene’s Beyond the Chair Story

Darlene was a horse breeder and trainer before a horseback riding accident left her with a C-4 incomplete spinal cord injury. However, being paralyzed from the neck down has not stopped her from being independent. She uses a wheelchair that allows her to drive and adjust her chair with her mouth. She has been injured for five years now but is determined to stay active. Since her accident, she has been traveling over an hour multiple times per week to her therapy sessions at Beyond the Chair.

Darlene works out at Beyond the Chair twice a week for two hours each session. From assisted squats on the total gym to pushes and pulls at the combo twist, she always gets a total body work out here at BTC. When we showed Darlene The EasyStand Glider she was very eager to get up and try it. She likes to stand because she knows it’s important for her bones and it helps lengthen her shortened muscles and ease her spasms. She was excited that The EasyStand Glider combined standing and moving, as this will help challenge her even more. The EasyStand Glider also improves Darlene’s cardiovascular endurance with the constant push/pull movement. The first few times she stood in Glider, Darlene would get dizzy and light headed because of orthostatic hypotension. She was motivated to stick with it and gradually increased the length of time she was able to stand. After working out hard and standing more frequently, she now can use Glider for twenty or more minutes without feeling dizzy or light headed.

Overall, the Glider helps Darlene with her quality of life and overall health, from increasing her range of motion to maintaining her bone density because of the load bearing she receives from standing in a correct upright position. She loves the EasyStand Glider and recommends it to other people who have spinal cord injuries or mobility impairments.