Dan’s Beyond the Chair Story

Dan C. is a C-4 incomplete spinal cord injury who has been injured for twenty-eight years. Dan broke his neck while on active duty, after that moment his life would change forever. While lying in his hospital bed, he was informed by his Sergeant that “the military would no longer need his services.” Dan was feeling down after hearing this terrible news, but soon after Dan’s mother walked in the room and told her son “You will make a life for yourself”. Those words from Dan’s mother gave him the strength to get off his bed and start his recovery.

Dan is one of Beyond the Chair’s most active clients, he works out at BTC three times a week for two hours each session. After exercising at Beyond the Chair he then goes to Golds Gym to do active pull downs for another hour to hour and a half. After Golds Gym Dan finishes his day with arms and legs cycling at his house. On Dan’s off days he either does a couple of exercises in his home gym or at the VA. He also stays active by competing in multiple sports such as bowling, fencing, power soccer, boccia ball and many more. Dan is very serious when it comes to exercising. He wants to work hard during every session, and he always likes to challenge himself. The first time Dan got on the EasyStand Glider here at Beyond The Chair his hips, lower and upper extremities were very tight and his range of motion was very limited. Within five minutes of actively working in the EasyStand Glider Dan’s overall range of motion started to improve. Since Dan’s first time in the Glider his body has been more mobile, and his overall range of motion improved in all planes of the body. Now, Dan likes to use the EasyStand Glider during every one of his sessions. It’s one of his favorite machines.

The EasyStand Glider is not only helping Dan with his recovery but also challenging him. Dan is a very tough individual when it comes to exercising, but even he would agree if one wants to get an awesome workout to just increase the resistance while using the Glider. Dan has only been using the EasyStand Glider for about two weeks and the benefits are already starting to show. Dan has increased his overall range of motion as well as his muscular endurance all thanks to the EasyStand Glider.