Anne’s Beyond the Chair Story

Multiple Sclerosis is an immune-mediated disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks myelin in the central nervous system. Anne L. is currently the only Multiple Sclerosis client at Beyond The Chair. Anne was diagnosed with MS as a young women and is now a mature lady who continues to stay focused and determined when it comes to her recovery.

The first day Anne started exercising at Beyond The Chair she was very excited and curious. Anne always goes through her exercises with a lot of ambition and willpower but is always curious about why the BTC Neuro-Fitness Specialist selects specific exercises for her to work on. Every exercise Anne works on at BTC she strives for perfection, because in her mind practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Anne L. wants nothing but the best when it comes to her recovery, so when Anne first stood in the EasyStand Glider it was a perfect match. The first time Anne used the EasyStand Glider she had a smile on her face that would not disappear. Since MS is a progressive disease it’s important for the individual diagnosed with MS to continuously move every extremity and muscle in the body. When Anne uses the Glider she is able to target her core when she alternates pushing and pulling, and all four extremities of her body are also targeted with the gliding action. By using the Glider Anne is also maintaining her bone density, this is very crucial to Anne’s health due to the fact she has osteopenia in her hip and spine.

Anne believes staying active and using the EasyStand Glider has helped slow the progression of her MS. The Glider has also contributed to Anne’s standing endurance. The first time Anne stood up in a standing frame she was only able to stand for a couple of minutes. Now, a little over a month later Anne is now able to stand for over thirty minutes without having Orthostatic Hypertension issues.